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The way to Make Your Own Curtain Rods

If you possess a tight budget an individual just want something a little funky and ‘outside the box’, why not make your own curtain rods? Your only limit is your imagination as as to the sorts of materials you can use to make your custom rods.Bamboo – Go down into your local garden centre and buy each of bamboo the width of your window frame. Screw some brackets or hooks into place along with the bamboo using the hooks as a lot fewer any other curtain rod.

The thicker bamboo would probably are more effective than the thin stuff, so keep in mind the bamboo to be able to hold the weight of your curtain fabric.A Tree Branch – Have a wander around your closest forest or woodland area, you will something the time of your window frame, so it may be quite big. Trim off all the twigs and secondary branches, and then treat it a number of spray paint. Tie on some tension curtain rods curtains and you’ve got a very rustic curtain rod.

Sports Gear – There are numerous ideas in this area, golf clubs, fishing rods, hockey sticks, ski poles or even a swimming pool cue. This is a great idea if you’re a sporting family, just use a variety of your old gear and you’ve got yourself a real talking point.Old Gardening Tools – Make use of an old rake or shovel in the same way as the sports gear. Professional it’s clean first though!

Your Local Ironmongery store – Have having a look in the electrical department, you can find things like electrical conduit or even galvanised pipes. Any local store is a terrific place to find inspiration.You can use basically use anything that is long enough to reach across your window duration. Homemade curtain rods are usually best combined with tie on curtains or large curtain rings so you’re able show off your creative talents!

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